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Mahinda Rajapaksa Age Height Wife Biography Net Worth

Mahinda Rajapaksa

Age 78 years (.2023)
Height 5 feet 6 inches
Profession Member of the Parliament of Sri Lanka
Weight 65 kg – 143 lbs
Birthday 18 November

Mahinda Rajapaksa’s Parents Family

Father D. A. Rajapaksa
Mother Dandina Rajapaksa
Siblings 6
Brother Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Basil Rajapaksa, Chamal Rajapaksa
Sister Gandini Rajapaksa, Jayanthi Rajapaksa, Preethi Rajapaksa

Mahinda Rajapaksa’s Relationship

Affairs/Girlfriend Shiranthi Rajapaksa
Wife/Spouse Shiranthi Rajapaksa (m. 1983)
Children 3
Sons Namal Rajapaksa, Yoshitha Rajapaksa, Rohitha Rajapaksa
Daughter name yet to be uploaded

Mahinda Rajapaksa’s BioData

Real Name Mahinda Rajapaksa
Nick Name Mahinda Rajapaksa
Famous Member of the Parliament of Sri Lanka
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Date of Birth 18 November 1945

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Nationality Sri Lankan
Hometown Weeraketiya, Sri Lanka
Religion Hinduism
Hobbies Traveling, Singing, playing cricket
Awards/Caste N/A

Mahinda Rajapaksa’s Source of money

Net worth $1 MIllion – $5 MIllion (.approx)
salary $1 MIllion (.approx)
Income $12 MIllion (.approx)
Appeared In 13th Prime Minister on 6 April 2004
Source  Source Of Income Politics

Mahinda Rajapaksa’s Physical fitness

Eye color The Color of the Eye is dark brown
Hair color The Color of Hair is Black
body The body Complexion is slim
skin colour The Skin Color is fair
Body The Body Measurement is 34-25-32 inches

Mahinda Rajapaksa’s Physical state

Marital Status/Date Married
Birthplace Weeraketiya, Sri Lanka
Height F 5 feet 6 inches
Height m 1.68 in meter
Height cm 168 in centimeter

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Mahinda Rajapaksa’s Social profile link 

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Mahinda Rajapaksa’s Qualification

Education Qualification N/A
College college name N/A
University University name N/A
School school name N/A
Degree name N/A

Mahinda Rajapaksa’s Address

Country Sri Lanka
Town Town name N/A
Ethnicity Ethnicity name N/A
Old city N/A
Address city Weeraketiya, Sri Lanka

Mahinda Rajapaksa’s Favorites

Food Fast Food
Actor Favorites Actor Shah Rukh Khan
Actress  Favorites Actress Mahira Khan
Sports tennis, football, basketball, cricket
Song Favorites Songs N/A

mahinda rajapaksa children

Mahinda Rajapaksa’s Personal Information

Mahinda Rajapaksa is a Sri Lankan politician.

Mahinda Rajapaksa served as the President of Sri Lanka from 2005 to 2015: the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka from 2004 to 2005, 2018, and from 2019 to 2022: the Leader of the Opposition from 2002 to 2004 and 2018 to 2019, and the Minister of Finance from 2005 to 2015 and 2019 to 2021.

Mahinda Rajapaksa has been a Member of Parliament (MP) for Kurunegala since 2015.

Rajapaksa is a lawyer by profession and was first elected to the Parliament of Sri Lanka in 1970.

Mahinda Rajapaksa served as the leader of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party from 2005 to 2015. Rajapaksa was sworn in for his first six-year term as president on 19 November 2005.

He was subsequently re-elected in 2010 for a second term.

Rajapaksa was defeated in his bid for a third term in the 2015 presidential election by Maithripala Sirisena, and he left office on 9 January 2015.

Later that year, Rajapaksa unsuccessfully sought to become Prime Minister in the 2015 parliamentary election: that year, the United People’s Freedom Alliance was defeated but was elected as the Member of Parliament for the Kurunegala District.

On 26 October 2018, Rajapaksa was appointed to the office of prime minister by President Maithripala Sirisena after the United People’s Freedom Alliance withdrew from the unity government.

The incumbent, Ranil Wickremesinghe, refused to accept his dismissal, stating that it was unconstitutional.

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This disagreement resulted in a constitutional crisis.

The Sri Lankan Parliament passed two no-confidence motions brought against Rajapaksa on 14 and 16 November 2018.

Failing to follow proper procedures, President Sirisena rejected both.

On 3 December 2018, a court suspended Rajapaksa’s powers as Prime Minister, ruling that his cabinet could not function until establishing its legitimacy.

Rajapaksa resigned from the post of prime minister on 15 December 2018.

Wickremesinghe was re-appointed as Prime Minister, and Rajapaksa was appointed Leader of the Opposition.

Rajapaksa became the leader of the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna in 2019, splitting the Sri Lanka Freedom Party.

He became Prime Minister again on 21 November 2019 after being appointed by his brother, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, who had become president on 18 November after winning the 2019 Sri Lankan presidential election.

On 9 August 2020, Rajapaksa was sworn in as Prime Minister of Sri Lanka for the fourth time at a Buddhist temple on Colombo’s outskirts.

On 3 May 2022, a motion of no confidence aimed at Rajapaksa and his cabinet was declared by opposition leaders.

He was targeted during the 2022 Sri Lankan Protests over the corruption and mismanagement by the Rajapaksa family which led to an economic crisis that brought Sri Lanka to the point of bankruptcy as it defaulted on its loans for the first time in its history since independence.

Protesters called him Myna and demanded his resignation which he resisted.

On 9 May 2022, Mahinda Rajapaksa organized his supporters at his official residence who were brought by buses and led by SLPP MPs.

The loyalists then attacked protestors at Temple Trees before assaulting protestors at Galle Face as attacks were carried out simultaneously against protests in other areas: however, this intensified protests, and retaliatory violence against Rajapaksa loyalists erupted islandwide and Mahinda Rajapaksa submitted his letter of resignation the same day.

During Rajapaksa’s political career, he has been accused of multiple crimes including war crimes during the last years of the Sri Lankan civil war as well as other criminal accusations including human rights violations during his presidency, corruption, and instigating violence against anti-government protestors on 9 May 2022.

Rajapaksa spent his formative years at the family home in Medamulana.

At the age of six, he was sent to his father’s school Richmond College in Galle.

Initially, he and his elder brother were boarded with a family in Galle, later their mother rented a house in Galle called the ‘Singapore House’ and moved there to facilitate the education of the growing family.

In the mid-fifties, the Rajapaksa family moved to Colombo and Mahinda Rajapaksa was admitted to Nalanda College, Colombo.

Later in 1957, he transferred to Thurstan College, where he took part in sports such as cricket, rugger, and athletics, taking part in the 400m relay team and becoming the putt shot champion.

In the mid-sixties, he started work as a library assistant at the Vidyodaya Pirivena and soon became active in leftwing politics.

He became a member of the Ceylon Mercantile Union and was elected its branch secretary in 1967.

His father who had lost his parliamentary seat in the 1965 general elections, died in November 1967.

The Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) party leader Sirima Bandaranaike offered his father’s post of SLFP party organizer for the Beliatta electorate to his older brother Chamal.

Chamal who had joined the Ceylon Police Force as a Sub-inspector, turndown Mrs. Bandaranaike’s offer in favor of his younger brother, and Mahinda Rajapaksa was appointed as SLFP organizer for Beliatta in 1968.

Rajapaksa contested the 1970 general elections as the SLFP candidate for the Beliatta constituency and was elected to the House of Representatives having gained 23,103 votes against his rival Dr. Ranjit Atapattu from the United National Party (UNP) who gained 16,477.

At the time he was the youngest member of parliament (MP) at the age of twenty-four years and served as a backbencher in the governing party.

Following changes to the admission process to the Sri Lanka Law College, which allowed young MPs to gain admission, he entered Sri Lanka Law College and studied law while serving as an MP.

In July 1977, Rajapaksa lost his parliamentary seat in SLFP’s landslide defeat in the 1977 general elections, to Dr. Ranjit Atapattu who had gained 24,289 votes to Rajapaksa’s 17,896.

Mahinda Rajapaksa was chosen by the Sri Lanka Freedom Party to run against Ranil Wickremesinghe, former Prime Minister, and Opposition Leader.

Wickremesinghe was the leader of the United National Party in the presidential election held on 17 November 2005.

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Despite the huge election campaign led by the UNP, Mahinda Rajapaksa was able to gain a narrow victory, by 190,000 votes. Rajapaksa’s opponents claimed that he won only because the LTTE called for Tamil voters to boycott the polls.

Most voters in these areas were forcibly restrained from voting, and it is said that they would have favored Wickremesinghe of the UNP party.

Rajapaksa received 50.3% of the vote. After becoming President of Sri Lanka, Rajapaksa reshuffled the cabinet and took the portfolios of Defense and Finance in the new cabinet, which was sworn in on 23 November 2005.

Immediately following his election in 2005, Rajapaksa extended the term of the Commander of the Sri Lanka Army, Sarath Fonseka, less than 30 days before he was scheduled to retire.

Over the next three and a half years, Fonseka and Rajapaksa’s brother, Defense Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, led the country’s armed forces in their battle against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, ultimately defeating the Tigers and killing their leader, Velupillai Prabhakaran.

According to Sri Lankan MP Athuraliye Rathana Thero, Rajapaksa attempted a coup de tat hours after the announcement of the election results, in order to remain in power, but the Army Chief, Jagath Jayasuriya, disobeyed the orders.

According to MPs Rajitha Senaratne and Mangala Samaraweera, before going to the Army Chief, Rajapaksa had earlier instructed the Attorney General to prepare the necessary documentation for the issuance of a State of Emergency, but the Attorney General had refused.

Rajapaksa subsequently accepted defeat and left the Temple Trees, the official residence of the president, with the control of the government peacefully transferring to Maithripala Sirisena.

The Sirisena government launched a probe into the alleged coup by Rajapaksa.

The government argued that Rajapaksa attempted to seize the poll-counting centers when he realized that he was losing the election.

One of the witnesses, the Attorney General, described to the Criminal Investigation Department the coup attempt made by Rajapaksa.

The Attorney General said that he had refused to act on behalf of Rajapaksa.

Former army chief General Sarath Fonseka claimed that the Rajapaksa had moved about 2,000 troops into Colombo from the Northern Province three days before the election results were announced.

The general claimed that the troops were ready to take action on a coup.

However, the cabinet spokesperson of the new government stated, during a press conference held on 24 March 2015, that there was no evidence to prove that such a coup was attempted on the night of the election.

A spokesman for Rajapaksa has denied the allegations as baseless.

The army and police also denied the allegations.

Rajapaksa unsuccessfully sought to become Prime Minister again, after losing his third-term presidential bid, in the 2015 parliamentary elections.

The position of Prime Minister is largely that of a senior member of the cabinet who acts as a deputy to the President.

The President directly appoints the Prime Minister, a person who, in the President’s opinion, is most likely to command the confidence of Parliament: this is usually the leader of the party in power.

Although Rajapaksa was elected as a Member of Parliament for Kurunegala with 423,529 preferential votes, his party was defeated in the election by Ranil Wickremesinghe’s United National Party; Wickremesinghe was appointed as Prime Minister.

Rajapaksa returned to Parliament after his tenure as president, the only former president to do so.

He was elected as a Member of Parliament for Kurunegala District.

On 23 January 2015, The Seychelles government announced that it would assist the Sri Lankan government in their search for funds that were allegedly transferred by the Rajapaksa regime into Port Victoria offshore bank accounts.

In February, India announced that it would assist the Sri Lankan government in tracing billions of dollars that were allegedly deposited into overseas bank accounts belonging to Rajapaksa and associates.

The government sought help from the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund in locating this hidden wealth to expose the alleged corruption of the previous regime.

On 7 May 2015, Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera received intelligence reports from four foreign nations that involved tracing billions of dollars stashed abroad, stating that the Rajapaksa family holds $18 billion net worth of assets in foreign countries.

Minister Samaraweera didn’t mention the names of the countries that were involved in this investigation.

The government asserted that they had traced only $2 billion and were seeking access to a bank account that was held by the Rajapaksa family: Minister Samaraweera stated that it would not be an easy task to retrieve the assets held by the Rajapaksa family abroad, and was willing to go after those belonging to the state.

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In 2016, Rajapaksa loyalists created the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna party in an attempt to split with the SLFP.

While Rajapaksa is not officially the leader of the party, the inaugural meeting was held in his political office which had a 15-foot cut-out of Rajapaksa smiling and surrounded by school children.

In the courtyard was a banner of similar size showing golden rice fields and Rajapaksa’s smiling face at its center.

Rajapaksa adopted a more anti-China policy, opposing major development projects such as the Southern Economic Development Zone, in which China planned to invest over US$5 billion.

During the opening ceremony, protesters led by joint opposition MPs ignored a court order banning protests in the area and pelted stones at the event’s participants, during which the Chinese envoy claimed that China will ignore negative forces.

Rajapaksa also changed his stance on private medical universities such as the South Asian Institute of Technology and Medicine (SAITM); during his rule, SAITM was accepted with several concessions from the Board of Investment, and at the request of Rajapaksa, SAITM gave scholarships to students who gained 3As in advanced-level exams.

Ten students were given each given Rs. 7 million scholarships by Rajapaksa himself.

However, in 2017 he claimed that there needs to be a standard. The law cannot interfere.

If it happens, everyone in this country will try to become doctors, opposing the institution.

In reply, Dr. Neville Fernando, the chairman of SAITM, called him an opportunist, as the students to whom Rajapaksa had granted scholarships, were then in their final year.

Rajapaksa was born Percy Mahendra Rajapaksa, in Weeraketiya, in the rural southern district of Hambantota to an established political family.

His father, D. A. Rajapaksa, had succeeded his brother D. M. Rajapaksa’s seat in the State Council of Ceylon following the latter’s death in May 1945.

D. M. Rajapaksa had started wearing the earthy brown shawl to represent kurakkan, which was cultivated by the people of his area; he championed their cause throughout his life.

In later years Mahinda Rajapaksa would follow his uncle’s example and wear a similar characteristic shawl.

D. A. Rajapaksa, went on to serve as a member of parliament from Beliatta from 1947 to 1965 and served as Cabinet Minister of Agriculture and Land in Wijeyananda Dahanayake’s government.

His mother Dona Dandina Samarasinghe Dissanayake was from Palatuwa, Matara.

He was the second eldest of nine chidden in the family which included six boys and three girls.

His elder siblings are Chamal, and Jayanthi and his younger siblings were Tudor, Gotabaya, Basil, Preethi, Dudley, and Gandini.

Several members of Rajapaksa’s family are currently active in politics.

Most notable is his brother, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, the current president of Sri Lanka and a former secretary for the Ministry of Defence.

His career in the Ministry of Defence ended at the same time as Mahinda Rajapaksa’s presidency, on 9 January 2015.

Another brother, Basil Rajapaksa, was elected to the Parliament of Sri Lanka from the Gampaha District in April 2010.

He was later appointed Minister of Economic Development. Basil was arrested in April 2015 on corruption charges.

He served as minister of finance of Sri Lanka from 2021 to 2022 until his resignation amidst the 2022 Sri Lankan anti-government protests Mahinda Rajapaksa’s eldest brother, Chamal Rajapaksa, has been an MP since 1989.

He was elected Speaker of the 14th Parliament of Sri Lanka.

Other family members involved in politics include his nephew, Shashindra Rajapaksa, the Chief Minister of Uva Province.

Shameendra Rajapaksa, another nephew, is the director of Sri Lankan Airlines.

His cousin Jaliya Wickramasuriya is Sri Lanka’s ambassador to the United States. His cousin Udayanga Weeratunga is Sri Lanka’s ambassador to Russia.

Prasanna Wickramasuriya, another cousin, is chairman of Airport & Aviation Services. Rajapaksa’s brother-in-law, Nishantha Wickramasinghe, is the chairman of Sri Lankan Airlines.

In 1983, Rajapaksa married Shiranthi Wickremesinghe, a child psychologist, and educator.

Shiranthi Rajapaksa is the daughter of Commander E. P. Wickremasinghe, of the Sri Lanka Navy.

The Rajapaksas have three sons: Namal, Yoshitha, and Rohitha.

In April 2010, Namal Rajapaksa was elected as a Member of Parliament for the Hambantota District, obtaining the highest number of preferential votes in his father’s former district.

Namal was again elected to Parliament by obtaining the most votes from the Hambantota district in the 2015 General Elections.

Yoshitha Rajapaksa was commissioned as an Acting Sub Lieutenant in the Sri Lanka Navy in March 2009.

Mahinda Rajapaksa is superstitious; he wears talismans and consults astrologers in his decision-making.

He is known for acquiring a large number of valuable rings as lucky charms, some with colored stones and elephant hair.

This has earned him the nickname Lord of the rings.

During a wedding, which Rajapaksa attended as a VIP guest, he lost a gem-studded ring.

After covertly searching under carpets and in washrooms, hotel staff found the ring on the floor near the VIP table.

Party: Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna

Questions About Mahinda Rajapaksa

What did Mahinda Rajapaksa do?

During Rajapaksa’s political career, he has been accused of multiple crimes including war crimes during the last years of the Sri Lankan civil war as well as other criminal accusations including human rights violations during his presidency.

Who is the normal Rajapaksa?

Lakshman Namal Rajapaksa is a Sri Lankan politician. He is one of three sons of Sri Lankan former President and Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa and a member of parliament. He was the Minister of Youth and Sports from 2020 to 2022. 

Who is powerful in Sri Lanka?

The Prime Minister of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka is the head of the government of Sri Lanka, and the most senior member of parliament in the cabinet of ministers. It is the second-most powerful position in Sri Lanka’s executive branch behind the president, who is the constitutional chief executive.

Are Mahinda Rajapaksa and Gotabaya Rajapaksa brothers?

In the 2019 presidential election, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, the brother of Mahinda Rajapaksa, ran and won.

Why is Sri Lanka in crisis?

The crisis is said to have begun due to multiple compounding factors like money creation, a nationwide policy to shift to organic or biological farming, the Easter bombings in 2019, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The subsequent economic hardships resulted in the 2022 Sri Lankan protests.

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