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Shehbaz Sharif Biography Information

Shehbaz Sharif

Age 73 years (2024)
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Profession Prime Minister of Pakistan, Politician, Businessman
Weight 75 kg – 165 lbs
Birthday 23 September

Shehbaz Sharif’s Parent’s Family

Father Mian Muhammad Sharif
Mother Shamim Akhtar
Siblings 2
Brother Nawaz Sharif, Abbas Sharif
Sister name yet to be uploaded

Shehbaz Sharif’s Relationship

Affairs/Girlfriend Kalsoom Hai, Tehmina Durrani, Aaliya Honey, Nargis Khosa, Begum Nusrat
Wife/Spouse Kalsoom Hai m.2012, Tehmina Durrani m. 2003, Aaliyah Honey m. 1993–1994, Nargis Khosa m. 1993, Begum Nusrat Shahbaz m. 1973–1993
Children 5
Sons Hamza Shahbaz, Salman Shehbaz
Daughter Khadija Shehbaz, Rabia Imran, Javeria Shahbaz Sharif

Shehbaz Sharif’s BioData

Real Name Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif
Nick Name Shehbaz Sharif
Famous Prime Minister of Pakistan
Zodiac Sign Libra
Date of Birth 23 September 1951

shehbaz sharif children

Nationality Pakistani
Hometown Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Religion Islam
Hobbies Traveling, Singing, playing cricket

Shehbaz Sharif’s Source of money

Net worth $1 MIllion – $5 MIllion (.approx)
salary $1 MIllion (.approx)
Income $12 MIllion (.approx)
Appeared In  Chief Minister for a second term after the PML-N’s victory in Punjab province
Source  Source Of Income Politics, Business

Shehbaz Sharif’s Physical fitness

Eye color The Color of the Eye is dark brown
Hair color The Color of Hair is White
body The body Complexion is slim
skin colour The Skin Color is fair
Body The Body Measurement is 34-25-32 inches
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Shehbaz Sharif’s physical state

Marital Status/Date Married
Birthplace Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Height F 5 feet 7 inches
Height m 1.73 in meter
Height cm 173 in centimeter

Shehbaz Sharif Qualification

Education Qualification Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
College college name N/A
University Government College University, Lahore
School St. Anthony High School, Lahore
Degree Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
Shehbaz Sharif Address
Country Pakistan
Town Town name N/A
Ethnicity Bhat Kashmiri tribe
Old city N/A
Address city Jati Umrah Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
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Shehbaz Sharif Favorites
Food Fast Food
Actor Favorites Actor Dilip Kumar
Actress  Favorites Actress
Sports tennis, football, basketball, cricket
Song Favorites Songs N/A
shehbaz sharif parents
Shehbaz Sharif Biography
Pakistan has a new Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif some people know him some do not others may not even care how does it matter who rules Pakistan? The country is never going to change anyway that’s the prevailing argument but for a moment let’s put the skepticism aside and get to know, who is this man really? what’s his story?what are his political views? how different is he from Imran Khan?and what changes if any could he bring to the india-pakistan relationship? welcome to celebbeing this Story begins on September 23rd that year shabaz was born to the prestigious Sharif family a Punjabi speaking Kashmiri family based in Lahore his father was Muhammad Sharif an upper middle class businessman, who belonged to the anantnag District in Kashmir. His mother was also from India. She came from pulvama after marriage they went to Amritsar. After the partition of India they moved to Lahore. Sherbaz was their second son the first one was Nawaz sharif the former prime minister of Pakistan who’s was in London escaping a corruption probe but now he is in Pakistan and the third son was Abbas Sharif missionary he passed away in 2013. Like most politicians in Pakistan Shebaz Sharif also grew up in the lap of wealth. He lived in the palatial jati umra residence named after his ancestral Village near Amritsar. it’s a sprawling estate spread over 200 Acres, the Punjab government has accused the Sharif family of illegally occupying this land, Sharif got his Early Education from Saint Anthony’s High School in Lahore, then he went to the Government College University and got a degree in Bachelor of Arts. it was during his time here that, he also developed an interest in poetry something that he often puts to use at his rallies, we’ll get there in a bit first his profile Shabbaz Sharif has lived quite a colorful life. He’s been married five times and divorced three at present he has two wifes which has also led to a debate on, who will be the first lady. Sharif’s first wedding was at the age of 23 he married Begum Nusrat Shahbaz the couple had four children. In1993 he married Aaliya Honey an emerging model.there’s a bridge in Lahore named after her the honey Bridge it was apparently built by Sheba Sharif to cut the travel time to his wife’s residence.
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Unfortunately the marriage did not last but the bridge is still there with the same name. The same year 1993 Sheba Sharif got married for the third time to Nargis Khosa the sister of tari kosa the then DG of Pakistan’s federal investigation agency well that too did not last then in 2003. he secretly married Tehmina Durrani a Pakistani author activist and socialite the couple are still together. We’re told and that did not stop him thought from getting married again the fifth time in 2012 at the age of 60. He tied the knot with Begum Nusrat Shahbaz the couple got divorced within a few years. Shehbaz Sharif’s professional life is equally interesting. After graduation he joined the family business. What was this business steel production and Mining? The Sharif family owned the itapha group one of the biggest steel companies in Pakistan also the family’s corruption Foundry. He did not just mold and shape steel it also molded the political careers of both the brothers . The growth of this company was financed by sweetheart Deals Deals awarded to them by Pakistan’s rulers like Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and general ziaulhaq together they gave the family 200 million dollars. This was an unsecured loans from Pakistan’s nationalized Banks to put it simply. They stole public funds to help the epiphar group a 1999 report said that 70 of all bad loans in Pakistan at that time could be traced back to the Sharif family the Supreme Court of Pakistan used terms like The Godfather and Sicilian Mafia for the sharifs it said the family Rose to prominence by combining corruption and political power the brothers used their ill-gotten money to enter politics then in 1976 Nawaz Sharif joined the Pakistan Muslim League ten years later he became the chief minister of Punjab soon Shabbat Sharif also left the family business and ventured into politics. In1988 he contested for the Punjab National Assembly and he won. Critics said he got elected because of the family’s Goodwill in 1993 he was re-elected and in the next election 1997. he became the chief minister of Punjab. Now during his tint to CM, he was praised for his good governance for his focus on Health Care, education, agriculture, industrial sectors. He undertook several development projects in Lahore. he also launched a Crackdown on criminals and extremists many in Pakistan view Shehbaz Sharif as the man who built today’s Lahore one of Pakistan’s most developed Cities but sharif’s track record is not clean. In 1999 he was accused of ordering the extrajudicial killing of five young men.
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he refuted the allegations called them politically motivated last. We checked the case was still on in court the same year 1999 Shabbat Sharif and his family had to flee Pakistan. His brother was deposed in a coup by parvez Musharraf and put in jail. Sharif was also removed from the chief Minister’s post and put behind bars for two years they remained in jail. They were released only after riyadh’s intervention then Saudi King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz brokered an agreement with General Musharraf, he gave the Sharif family sanctuary in Jeddah and that’s where they lived for at least six years. In 2007 they returned to Pakistan. Shahbaz got elected as punjab’s chief minister again in 2013. He was re-elected for a third term and in 2018 he was elected as a member of Pakistan’s. National Assembly he served as the leader of opposition there until last week now the question is what made this man politically so successful? what made the people of Pakistan elect him again and again was it just a family? Name or is there more to him Pakistani analysts say that his success has less to do with his name and more to do with his political performance in Pakistan. Shehbaz Sharif is seen as a diligent politician a hardcore realist and a matter of fact administrator someone who delivers on his promises no matter how tough the tasks might be like I said as chief minister of Punjab. he overhauled the province’s infrastructure, he invested heavily in the transportation systems, built several Intercity roads and highways. Even initiated the first metro line in Lahore and this was in stark contrast to his brother who was famous for pulling crowds not so much for his performance. Sheba Sharif on the other hand developed a reputation for capability for his practical skills in implementing policies and for his ambitious development projects. He was also a gifted auditor at his rallies, he could sway crowds with Urdu verses Court story is a famous Sufi Scholars and on some occasions. he would even knock off microphones you have to watch this but some of what he said was absurd but full marks for passion, that’s what moved the crowds after his brother fled Pakistan. Shehbaz became the face of their party pmln the leader of opposition in Parliament. he ties with the Pakistan Army cemented his authority further while his brother was always at war with the general. Shehbaz Sharif maintained cordial ties at the same time. He was not beholden to the Army as Imran Khan was he never antagonized the generals neither did, he appease them never blamed them for undue interference neither did he deny their control over the civilian leadership. he’s always maintained that the civilian military authorities have no choice but to work together in other words he is in favor of the current hybrid regime. He’ll be tested now. what about his views in India? they’re more or less the same as others but he’s not as hawkish as his predecessor as the chief minister of Punjab. A province located along India’s border, he is often pushed for peace between the two countries a businessman by profession. he’s in favor of improving trade ties with India and promoting collaborative ventures. In fact in 2013 Shehbaz Sharif paid a visit to India. He met the then prime minister Dr Manmohan Singh. he traveled to his ancestral Village in the state of Punjab. he held meetings with the state’s chief minister prakash Singh badal. he called for peaceful dialogue between the two countries now given his track record your Delhi is cautiously optimistic that would sharebash Sharif in power India. Pakistan ties could improve at the same time India knows that no matter. who’s in power in Pakistan? it’s the cantonments of quetta and rawalpindi that determine. what the civilian leadership ought to do so? There’s every reason to believe that at least on this count the Shehbaz Sharif government will bring more of the same. More celebrities Biographies 2024

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