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Xi Jinping

Age 70 years (.2023)
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Profession President of the People’s Republic of China, Politics
Weight 65 kg – 143 lbs
Birthday 15 June

Parents Family

Father Xi Zhongxun
Mother Qi Xin
Siblings 6
Brother Xi Yuanping, Xi Zhengning, Xi Yuanping
Sister Qi Qiaoqiao, Xi An’an, Xi Heping


Affairs/Girlfriend Peng Liyuan, Ke Lingling
Wife/Spouse Peng Liyuan (m. 1987), Ke Lingling (m. 1979–1982)
Children 1
Sons name yet to be uploaded
Daughter Xi Mingze


Real Name Xi Jinping
Nick Name Xi
Famous Chinese Communist Party (CCP)
Zodiac Sign Geminis
Date of Birth 15 June 1953

xi jinping wife

Nationality Chinese
Hometown Beijing, China
Religion sinicisation of religion
Hobbies Traveling, Singing, reading books
Awards/Caste N/A

Source of money

Net worth $1 MIllion – $5 MIllion (.approx)
salary $1 MIllion (.approx)
Income $12 MIllion (.approx)
Appeared In Amazing China
Source  Source Of Income Politics

Physical fitness

Eye color The Color of the Eye is dark brown
Hair color The Color of Hair is Black
body The body Complexion is slim
skin colour The Skin Color is fair
Body The Body Measurement is 34-25-32 inches

Physical state

Marital Status/Date Married
Birthplace Beijing, China
Height F 5 feet 9 inches
Height m 1.80 in meter
Height cm 180 in centimeter

xi jinping parents

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Education Qualification Graduation
College college name N/A
University Beijing’s Tsinghua University
School school name N/A
Degree Graduation


Country China
Town Town name N/A
Ethnicity Ethnicity name N/A
Old city N/A
Address city Beijing, China


Food Fast Food, Chinese
Actor Favorites Actor yet to be uploaded
Actress  Favorites Actress yet to be uploaded
Sports tennis, football, basketball, cricket
Song Favorites Songs N/A

xi jinping children

Personal Information

Xi Jinping is a Chinese government official who has been filling in as Broad Secretary of the Chinese Socialist Coalition (CCP) and Director of the Focal Military Commission (CMC) starting around 2012 and Leader of the Individuals’ Republic of China (PRC) starting around 2013.

Xi Jinping has been the principal head of China, the most conspicuous political forerunner in the Individuals’ Republic of China, starting around 2012.

The child of Chinese Socialist veteran Xi Zhongxun, he was banished to the country Yanchuan Region as a young person following his dad’s cleanse during the Social Transformation and resided in a Liaodong in the town of Liangjiahe, where he joined the CCP and functioned as the nearby party secretary.

After concentrating on synthetic designing at Tsinghua College as a Specialist Worker Trooper understudy, Xi rose through the positions politically in China’s beachfront territories.

Xi Jinping was legislative head of Fujian from 1999 to 2002, preceding becoming Lead representative and Party Secretary of adjoining Zhejiang from 2002 to 2007.

Following the excusal of the Party Secretary of Shanghai, Chen Liangyu, Xi was moved to swap him for a short period in 2007.

Xi Jinping thusly joined the Politburo Standing Council (PSC) of the CCP and filled in as the main secretary of the Focal Secretariat in October 2007.

In 2008, he was assigned as Hu Jintao’s assumed replacement as a vital pioneer: keeping that in mind, Xi was delegated VP of the PRC and Bad habit Executive of the CMC.

He formally got the title of authority center from the CCP in 2016.

Xi has likewise been an individual from the PSC starting around 2007.

In 2018, he canceled official service time restraints. Xi is the principal CCP General Secretary brought into the world after the foundation of the PRC.

Since accepting power, Xi has acquainted far-going measures with authorized party discipline and forced inward solidarity.

His enemy of debasement crusade prompted the destruction of the noticeable occupant and resigned CCP authorities, including a previous individual from the PSC.

Xi Jinping has likewise sanctioned or advanced a more forceful international strategy, especially in regards to China-Japan relations, China’s cases in the South China Ocean, and its backing with the expectation of complimentary exchange and globalization.

Xi Jinping has tried to grow China’s African and Eurasian impact through the Belt and Street Drive.

Xi Jinping has frequently been portrayed as a despot or a dictator chief by political and scholastic eyewitnesses, referring to an expansion in control and mass observation, a crumbling in basic liberties remembering the internment of Uyghurs for Xinjiang, and the faction of the character created around him, and the expulsion of service time restraints the authority under his residency.

Xi Jinping’s political contemplations have been integrated into the party and public constitutions.

As the focal figure of the fifth era of the initiative of the PRC, Xi has fundamentally concentrated institutional power by taking on an extensive variety of administrative roles, including leading the recently framed Public Safety Commission, as well as new controlling councils on financial and social changes, military rebuilding and modernization, and the Web.

On 11 November 2021, the CCP pronounced Xi’s philosophy the embodiment of Chinese culture.

This is the third principal goal of the CCP since its origin and emblematically raises him to a similar degree of glory as pioneers Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping. Xi’s most memorable marriage was to Ke Lingling, the girl of Ke Hua, China’s diplomat to the Unified Realm in the mid-1980s.

They separated inside a couple of years.

The two were said to battle consistently, and after the separation, Ke moved to Britain.

In 1987, Xi wedded the unmistakable Chinese people artist Peng Liyuan. Xi and Peng were presented by companions as numerous Chinese couples were during the 1980s.

Xi Jinping was supposedly scholarly during their romance, asking about singing strategies.

Peng Liyuan, a commonly recognized name in China, was preferable known to people in general over Xi until his political rise. The couple much of the time lived separated due generally to their different expert lives.

Peng has assumed a significantly more noticeable part as China’s most memorable woman contrasted with her ancestors; for instance, Peng facilitated U.S.

First Women Michelle Obama on her high-profile visit to China in Walk 2014. Xi and Peng have a girl named Xi Mingze, who moved on from Harvard College in the spring of 2015.

While at Harvard, she utilized a nom de plume concentrated on Brain science and English.

Xi Jinping’s family has a home in Jade Spring Slope, a nursery and neighborhood in north-western Beijing run by the CMC.

In June 2012, Bloomberg News announced that individuals from Xi’s more distant family have significant financial matters, even though there was no proof he had mediated to help them.

The Bloomberg site was obstructed in the central area of China because of the article.

Since Xi set out on an enemy of defilement crusade, The New York Times revealed individuals from his family were selling their corporate and land ventures starting in 2012.

Family members of profoundly positioned Chinese authorities, including seven current and previous senior heads of the Politburo of the CCP, have been named in the Panama Papers, including Deng Jiagui, Xi’s brother by marriage.

Deng had two shell organizations in the English Virgin Islands while Xi was an individual from the Politburo Standing Board of trustees, yet they were torpid when Xi became general secretary of the CCP in November 2012.

Peng portrayed Xi as focused and sensible; When he gets back home, I’ve never felt as though there’s some forerunner in the house.

In my eyes, he’s simply my better half.

Xi was portrayed in a 2011 The Washington Post article by the people who know him as even-minded, serious, careful, diligent, rational, and relaxed.

Xi Jinping was depicted as a decent hand at critical thinking and uninterested in the features of high office.

Xi Jinping is known to adore U.S. movies like Saving Confidential Ryan, The Withdrew, and The Adoptive parent.

Xi Jinping seriously loves the HBO TV series Round of High positions, watching a dense variant because of tight timetables. Xi besides commended the free movie producer Jia Zhangke.

Xi Jinping’s no.1 political masterminds incorporate Mao Zedong, Han Fei, Karl Marx, and Carl Schmitt.

Xi Jinping’s no.1 American creator is Jack London. He additionally loves playing football, hiking, strolling, volleyball, and swimming, as well as winter sports. He once said that he would swim one kilometer and walk consistently for however long there was time.

झी जिनपिंग, 习近平

Nephew: Yuan Ma

Niece: Zhang Yannan

Uncle: Xi Zhongkai

Marriage Place: Xiamen, China

Party: Chinese Communist Party

Graduation dates: 1965, 1979, 2002

Presidential term: March 14, 2013 – Present

Office: President of the People’s Republic of China since 2013

Grandparents: Xi Zongde, Chai Caihua, Qi Houzhi, Deng Yaozhen

Questions About Xi Jinping

How long can the Chinese president serve?

President of the People’s Republic of China

Who rules China now?

Power is concentrated in the paramount leader, currently, Xi Jinping, who heads the four most important political and state offices. He is the general secretary of the CCP Central Committee, Chairman of the Central Military Commission, and President of the PRC.

How many languages does Xi Jinping speak?


Is China a dictatorship?

The Constitution of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) states that its form of government is a ‘people’s democratic dictatorship’. The Constitution also holds that China is a one-party state that is governed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

What is the main religion in China?

The research and advocacy group Freedom House estimated in 2017 that there are more than 350 million religious believers in China, primarily made up of Chinese Buddhists, followed by Protestants, Muslims, Falun Gong practitioners, Catholics, and Tibetan Buddhists.

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