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Lil Tay Rapper Has Died

Lil Tay

Rapper Lil Tay has died the bucket, her family declared through an Instagram post shared on Aug. 9. The reason for her demise has not yet been disclosed, yet the online entertainment star’s family composed that the ‘result was surprising and has left us all in shock.’ The Instagram post likewise uncovered that her sibling has kicked the bucket.

The group of Lil Tay, whose genuine name was Claire Trust, has requested security as the ‘conditions encompassing Claire and her sibling’s passing are still being scrutinized.’ Trust, who was initially from Atlanta, Ga., and later moved to Vancouver, English Columbia, first entered the public eye in 2018, when recordings of her at age 9 circulated around the web.

She should have been visible reviling, displaying costly watches and cash. Throughout the span of her short profession on the web, she amassed north of 3 million devotees on Instagram, where she posted moderately rarely. Her latest post was transferred in June 2018, committed to the late rapper XXXTentacion, who was shot close to a cruiser showroom in Florida.

lil tay death

Her post says that she focused on him as a mentor. She additionally become a close acquaintence with the dubious maker, Woah Vicky. Trust gave a meeting to the Day to day Monster in 2019 close by her mom, a year in the wake of concerning posts were shared on her Instagram professing to have terrible news about Tay.

In the meeting, she expressed, I’m in a terrible circumstance with her dad and talked about a guardianship fight, migrating to Vancouver to reside with him, and being self-taught. Since the insight about her demise was reported, her dedication post for XXXTentacion has been overwhelmed with new remarks from clients expressing, Find happiness in the hereafter, X and Tay.

How old is Lil Tay when she died?

The death of Lil Tay, a young social media star who went viral for her foulmouthed videos, as well as the death of her older brother, was reported Wednesday on social media by an unnamed family member. She was 14, according to multiple reports.

How old is Lil Tay now?

The social media star Lil Tay, whose real name is Claire Hope, has died, her verified Instagram said in a post Wednesday. Lil Tay was originally from Canada but moved to Los Angeles. Social media users were shocked on Wednesday when a post appeared on influencer Lil Tay’s account saying she had died at the age of 14.

When did Lil Tay come out?

2018 The self-described ‘youngest flexer of the century,’ Lil Tay became an internet sensation for a few months in 2018 when she was just 9 years old.

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How old was Lil Tay when she started?

Nine years old.

Is Lil Tay and her brother dead?

14-year-old social media sensation Lil Tay and her older brother have both died, their family announced in a shocking statement today.


How did Lil Tay and brother pass away?

The family has not revealed how the siblings died and said both deaths were now ‘under investigation’.

Who is Lil Tay dad?

In 2019, Lil Tay’s social media accounts became inactive after a custody battle between Hope’s mother Angela Tian and father Chris Hope. A real estate agent, Angela Tian was reportedly forced to resign when she was found to have used empty houses for Lil Tay’s videos.

Why did Lil Tay get famous?

Lil Tay rose to fame since she was 9 years old after she started posting images of her lavish style of living. Lil Tay, whose real name is Claire Hope, made a name for herself in 2018 by posting controversial but viral videos that involved a high use of profanity as well as designer clothes and luxury cars. In a statement posted on the US star’s Instagram account, it was confirmed Lil Tay and her brother had died.

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Why did Lil Tay disappear?

Soon after her newfound fame, Lil Tay disappeared from the internet, wiping her Instagram in June 2018, leaving only a story with the words ‘help me.’ At the time, she was reportedly part of a custody battle between her parents, according to the Daily Beast.

Where is Lil Tay real name?

Her real name is Claire Hope. She is a Canadian YouTuber, rapper and internet personality, who first shot to fame in 2018 when she was just nine years old.

How old was Lil Tay when she was popular?

The rapper went viral at age 9 with profanity-laced videos that saw her flaunting thousands of dollars in cash and wearing luxury clothes. Lil Tay, a child star and rapper who became a viral internet sensation with her controversial videos, has died.

How old is Lil Tay’s brother?

While Tay’s family did not immediately reveal the brother’s name, past reports show that the influencer’s sibling was Jason Tian, a 22-year-old aspiring rapper. Jason Tian was in the spotlight in 2021 after a report accused him of creating his sister Tay’s online personality.

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